Hardware and Software

Ohio Job Connection works with computer hardware manufacturer in Columbus Ohio and custom builds computer systems, desktops or laptops, and has the capability to maintain and repair any hardware systems manufactured.  Ohio Job Connection has access to computer equipment retailers and a wide range of communication devices including large displays, network devices, printers, Mac computers, iDevices and all the computer accessories.


Ohio Job Connection has constant contact with the most updated assistive technology and IT applications and devices.  Many current model of AT devices are used during the rehabilitation technology assessment.  Here is a list of commonly used AT devices for consumers with disabilities.

Video magnifiers, CCTVs, screen magnifiers, hand-held video magnifiers
Screen readers, print reading applications
Refreshable Braille displays, electronic Braille note takers, Braille translator and embosser
Speech recognition applications, speech operated electronic devices
Alternative keyboards, one hand keyboard, ergonomically designed pointing devices
iDevices, iPad, iPhone, iMac, Mac Book Pro, iTunes store and billions of apps
GPS for independent orientation and mobility.


Support and training
Ohio Job Connection ensures that consumers with disabilities develop the skills to fully use the AT devices for their job performance through the support and training.  Once the AT device become an indispensable tool for consumers to maintain their jobs, Ohio Job Connection provides routine update, and continuing support to keep the AT system fully functional.  (scrollable downward)