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AT Training

posted by admin on February 20, 2013

Ohio Job Connection provides training for consumers in using all assistive technology applications and devices.  The training plan is designed and implemented to meet each consumer’s individual learning style and vocational needs.  The training can focus on a specific skill the consumer must have for the job performance or on specific piece of hardware or software application and device.  The training can be conducted at the consumer’s job site or home site or through remote Internet connection.  Here are some examples of AT training.


Training on specific skills

Basic keyboarding skill
Word processing
Email communication
Internet access and navigation
Screen reader App at consumer’s choice
Screen magnifier App at consumer’s choice
Video magnifiers, CCTV at consumer’s choice
Braille displays, Braille Note Takers & Braille related Apps
Speech Recognition Apps
Scan and reading Apps
GPS for orientation
iDevices, iPhone, iPad, iMac
Any custom Applications required by job